Angèle Martin


After studying at the conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison in classes of Marie-Paule Milone and Jean-Marie Gamard, Angèle continued her training at the PESM Bourgogne where she obtained her State Diploma in 2012 and in 2013 a Bachelor of Musicology and a Bachelor of interpretation (DNSPM).

Passionate about chamber music, she is part of the Equinoxe Quartet with which she performs in unusual places such as penitentiaries.

Angèle also plays on a historical cello, which she has the opportunity to play in orchestra such as

« l’Orchestre des Siècles » directed by François-Xavier Roth.

In her eyes, sharing and transmission are very important, which is why teaching also occupies a large place in her life as a musician. Angèle currently teaches cello at the Boulogne Billancourt Conservatory.

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