Angèle Martin


After studying at the CRR de Rueil-Malmaison in the classes of Marie-Paule Milone and Jean-Marie Gamard, Angèle Martin continued her training at the P.E.S.M Bourgogne, where she obtained her Diploma of State as a cello teacher in 2012, and in 2013, a Bachelor’s degree in musicology and a Bachelor’s degree in Performance (DNSPM).

Passionate about chamber music, she is part of the Quatuor Équinoxe, with which she performs in unusual venues such as correctional facilities. Angèle also plays the historical cello, which she has the opportunity to practice particularly within the Orchestre des Siècles, conducted by François-Xavier Roth.

For her, sharing and transmission are very important, which is why teaching also plays a major role in her life as a musician. Angèle currently teaches cello at the CRR de Boulogne Billancourt.

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