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Become a PMO insider! Partner us in a project that speaks to both your head and your heart and reflects your own values. Your personal involvement and funding will directly support this specific project, and together we will build a close and rewarding relationship tailored to your needs and your chosen level of support.

PMO's new residency in Bourges

From October 2022, Claire Gibault and the PMO embark on a brand new adventure! The PMO residency in Bourges is a major project co-constructed with the City of Bourges, the Conservatoire and the Maison de la Culture, as well as local partners, as part of Bourges 2028, Bourges' bid to become European Capital of Culture. The PMO is inviting individuals and companies to make a commitment to this residency as part of a Cercle des mécènes.

Orchestre au bahut - Paris Mozart Orchestra
Educational program

Orchestre Au Bahut is a multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, participative and co-creative arts education project combining music, literature and visual arts. This ambitious and demanding program enables young people from schools in the Île-de-France and Centre-Val de Loire regions to create, meet, collaborate and exchange ideas on an equal footing with professional artists, musicians and comedians, through an annual contemporary creation ("melologue").

La Maestra International Competition and Academy for Women Conductors

With the La Maestra Competition and Academy (the third edition of which will be held in March 2024), the Paris Mozart Orchestra and the Philharmonie de Paris have a threefold aim: to encourage vocations, to unite the international musical world around specific commitments to female conductors, and to offer the youngest among them the support they have often not fully benefited from during their training.


Transmission is at the heart of the PMO's values. For several years now, Claire Gibault has been offering a series of conducting masterclasses each season, based on programs performed by the PMO. Lasting 3 hours, these masterclasses take place at the Salle Rossini (Paris 9e) and are open to students from the advanced cycle upwards. PMO musicians give instrument masterclasses to students from conservatories and music schools.

Concerts exceptionnels
Prestigious concerts

Philharmonie de Paris, Bozar Brussels... As part of the Nova Mondo concert series, the Paris Mozart Orchestra plans exceptional concerts in the most prestigious concert halls. Support our ambition by helping us finance these projects!

hear the smile - Projets à soutenir
hear the smile: Recording of an audio series

The hear the smile audio series celebrates the joy of being together, in the company of works that are close to our hearts. Each episode is embodied by a soloist from the Paris Mozart Orchestra, whose voice serves as the thread running through this intimate, privileged moment. The Fondation Signature - Institut de France is the main sponsor of the recording of the 1st episode, and 86 donors have also contributed. Our warmest thanks to all of them. Support future episodes!

Après Midis Musicaux
Balades musicales in the 9th arrondissement

The "Balades musicales dans le 9e" program, a collaboration between the Paris Mozart Orchestra and the Mairie du 9e, offers residents of the 9th arrondissement a series of exceptional concerts free of charge throughout the season.


The PMO has been working at the Fresnes men's prison since 2012. It offers a series of workshops in artistic practice, as well as a restitution of these workshops during a concert punctuated by exchanges with the inmate public. Since 2023, as part of its residency in Bourges, the PMO has been working with the Service pénitentiaire d'insertion et de probation du Cher on a writing, dance, exhibition and concert project at the Bourges prison.

Solidarity actions in hospitals and nursing homes

The PMO is developing partnerships with hospitals, nursing homes and associations with a social and humanitarian vocation. As part of its residency in Bourges, the PMO has teamed up with the George Sand psychiatric hospital to enable patients and carers to (re)discover classical music through a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach. Duo concerts are given in EPHADs to encourage intergenerational encounters and enable this public to maintain a link with culture, music and live performance.

A "Culture and mental health" third-location in Bourges

In partnership with the George Sand psychiatric hospital in Bourges, we are planning an ambitious project for 2026. A hybrid, agile object, a place for cross-fertilization and partnerships, the aim is to create a living space that fosters social ties and the sharing of knowledge, acting as a laboratory of ideas to meet the challenges facing the Bourges and Centre-Val de Loire region. The project's ambition is to create a particularly innovative space within the hospital, and to ensure that residents, staff, residents' families and local players all contribute to using music and musical creation to develop well-being around mental health.

Transition ecologique
Ecological transition of the orchestra

As part of its upcoming tours, the PMO wishes to reinforce its commitment to the fight against global warming, the preservation of biodiversity and social justice. To this end, we will be reducing our carbon footprint, using the train whenever possible, and co-constructing sustainable projects that include several concerts and participation in educational and transmission initiatives aimed at audiences far removed from concert halls.

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Supporting the PMO as a whole

Like all orchestras, the PMO has structural costs (offices, permanent employees essential to day-to-day operations, communications, etc.) and develops long-term projects. To finance all these costs, the PMO can only count on the support of major patrons who share the orchestra's values and ambitions. In order to ensure financial continuity for the next five years, the PMO is looking for one or more sponsors to provide an annual sum of €250,000 in addition to its current support.

You can also choose to invest in one or the other axis of the Paris Mozart Orchestra:

Our artistic action

Recording of an album, commission of an original creation, prestigious concert, tour in France or abroad.

Our social action

Orchestre Au Bahut educational program, solidar activities such as at the Fresnes prison, action in favor of young talent, commitment to the public at risk, eco-responsible orchestra approach, horizontal management and fight against all forms of discrimination in classical music.


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