orchestre au bahut

A multidisciplinary, co-creative and participatory arts education project combining music, literature and the visual arts.

“Ever fresh, the PMO’s Education Programme is one of those rare alchemies that continue to evolve brilliantly over time through the accumulation of knowledge, hands-on experience and constant re-evaluation. The orchestra’s ambitious artistic ideals are reflected in, and perfectly balanced by, a challenging and enthralling pedagogical framework.”

Jean-Jacques Paysant et Marianne Calvayrac
Artistic delegate of Académies de Créteil et de Versailles

No limits, no boundaries

Teamwork and accessibility are at the heart of this ambitious and demanding programme. Students and teachers from schools in disadvantaged areas around Paris meet and exchange on an equal footing with visual artists, professional musicians and actors to collaborate and create their own projects around a specially commissioned contemporary work – the melologue.

The choice of this commission and other performance material, along with the educational approaches to be employed, are agreed and developed in close consultation with the Education Authorities of the Paris region.

Every year this creative cooperation between the Paris Mozart Orchestra and the schools enables teachers to forge fascinating links between their various disciplines – music, drama, literature, art, theatre, foreign languages, history, geography, civics, physical education and more.

We engage in committed long-term partnerships which operate continuously throughout the school year.

As of the 2022-2023 season, as part of its new residency in Bourges and the Centre-Val de Loire region, the Paris Mozart Orchestra is deploying the OAB program in a dozen schools in the Orléans-Tours Academy, while maintaining a strong presence in the Île-de-France region, where it has been working for more than 10 years in the Créteil and Versailles academies.

projects of the 23/24 season

Athéna la combative


In 2023-2024, OAB’s partner schools in the Île-de-France and Centre-Val de Loire regions are all united under the figure of Athena, with a work commissioned from young composer Manon Lepauvre based on a text by Isabelle Pandazopoulos: Athéna la combative. The perfect opportunity to roll out “Cultural Olympiads” in this year of the Olympic Games, but also to focus on a strong female figure.

Music Manon Lepauvre
Text Athéna la combative by Isabelle Pandazopoulos

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