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In October 2022, we inaugurate the PMO’s new residence in Bourges: a major project co-constructed with the City of Bourges, the Conservatory and the Maison de la Culture as well as with a whole network of local partners, as part of Bourges 2028, Bourges’ bid to become the European Capital of Culture.

A new great adventure begins for musicians of the PMO: with this residence in Bourges, we will go to meet all the public, schools of the city and the department, hospitals, retirement homes, prisons… Of course, we will continue our tours in France and abroad, but we will have at heart to weave strong links with the city and its inhabitants and to develop actions in the whole region. The Maison de la Culture will become our “base camp” and we already have an office at the Bourges Conservatory.

The invitation of the Mayor, Mr. Yann Galut, came at a time when we all felt the need of a territorial anchorage. The magnificent cultural facilities of the city and its candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture have won us over and convinced us of the relevance of our presence.

It is therefore with joy and gratitude that we come with demanding and popular musical programs, and educational projects that we will also deploy in schools and colleges in rural communities.

Attentive to the place of women in society, we will devote a week to highlighting women conductors, inviting for masterclasses, meetings and concerts, the winners of La Maestra International Competition, which we founded in September 2020 with the Philharmonie de Paris.

The PMO: an orchestra like no other!”

Claire Gibault, artistic and musical director

For one week each season, the PMO intends to reach out to all audiences and to multiply exchanges and collaborations with the city’s emblematic cultural venues, such as the Maison de la Culture and the Conservatory, as well as with the region’s schools, colleges, high schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and even prisons. What will the PMO do in Bourges?
  • Great concerts with a popular and demanding program
  • The inauguration of Orchestre Au Bahut in a dozen establishments in Bourges and throughout the Centre-Val de Loire region
  • The invitation of La Maestra laureates for a series of concerts, meetings and masterclasses in public
  • Masterclasses in collaboration with the Bourges Conservatory
  • Chamber music concerts, a garden tour, solidarity actions throughout the region…
… In short, a variation of all the activities developed by the PMO over the last 11 years, all in a spirit of co-construction and collaboration with the City of Bourges, the Conservatory, the Maison de la Culture and all local partners…

Join the adventure!

The Paris Mozart Orchestra invites individuals and companies to commit to the PMO’s residence in Bourges within its Patrons’ Circle.

We assume a strong societal commitment. We believe passionately that artistic and aesthetic choices have a meaning. That the encounter with art can change the course of a life.

To move in this direction, more than ever, we need supports. We need you.

You are a company?

Contact Maïlis Renouard, development manager:

Patron’s Circle of the residence

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